Sir Dr. Huz’s Poetry

Knowledge Poetry

Knowledge is the greatest wealth,
A perfect protector of mental health.
Knowledge increases with use,
Wealth decreases as you pay your dues.
While knowledge will make you your intellect’s chief,
Wealth has made many their greed’s thief.
Knowledge will protect you wherever you go,
Wealth you will have to protect, even stoop low.
Knowledge is a worthy ruler,
So do not be pulled by the reigns of wealth – a subject,
not a ruler.
Knowledge will tend to bestow on you generosity and benevolence,
But with the surroundings of wealth will you be able to practice
Knowledge cannot be accounted,
Wealth’s every penny can be counted.
Knowledge will illumine your mind,
Wealth’s love will to the earth make you bind.
Knowledge will make you humble,
The pride of wealth will make you grumble.
Knowledge will prove useful to you in this world and hereafter,
With wealth’s possession you will be susceptible to envy’s laughter.